10 Natural Ways to Stay Young

We don’t always have to resort to super expensive medical treatments to keep our skin wrinkle-free, or consume tons of medication to keep our health in check. Sometimes, natural alternatives can go a long way toward helping you feel youthful and wholesome. Here are ten natural things you can try without breaking your bank account:

1. Take a break every now and then.
When you have little time to complete a project with a looming deadline, it seems counter-intuitive to take a break every now and then. But if you don’t practice giving yourself a rest between shifts, you will end up stressing your body. By extension, your work will also suffer.

2. Consume more fat (Omega-3’s).
Omega-3 is a type of fatty acid found mostly in fish and flax seeds. Its EPA, DHA, and ALA can lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation levels in your body, and protect your heart from arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

3. Get off the couch.
Banish the habit of plopping down on the couch to watch TV whenever you feel strained by your job. Getting some exercise can be good to fuel some endorphins into your bloodstream and release the built-up tensions in your body.

4. Feel the love.
Be fully present in the moment of every day’s life. Learning to appreciate life’s little kindnesses can alter your mentality to be more positive.

5. Drink red wine.
Red wine is one of the few alcohol drinks that can actually yield something healthy for your body. It contains polyphenols to keep your blood vessels healthy and also resveratrol to regulate your blood sugar.

6. Yoga
Yoga has been proven as one of the best ways to de-stress. Its breathing exercises and extensive poses are beneficial to keeping your physical and spiritual health in balance.

7. Eat more pomegranates.
These little red delicacies possess a potent quality in lowering the level of cortisol–the stress hormone—in your blood. Drinking 500ml of pomegranate juice a day can help you wind down and be focused in your work.

8. Sip green tea.
Your daily habit of sipping cups of green tea at the end of a long day might be justified for its impressive health benefits. Green tea contains no less than four types of polyphenols to boost your cardiovascular health and help alleviate stress. Numerous studies have also linked green tea’s natural antioxidants property with reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Use topical supplements.
Topical supplements, such as vitamin A, can provide a higher dosage of vitamins and minerals for your body to absorb, making sure that you fulfill your daily requirements of important nutrients. The combination of supplements, such as Echinacea and vitamin C, is powerful in boosting your immune system during the flu season.

10. Do mental exercises.
Doing Sudoku when you are sitting in your dentist’s waiting room or in other such periods of downtime can yield a big pay off in your old days. Mental exercises like Sudoku can train your mind to be acute, alert, and active while keeping your mood happy.

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