Get Happier


Happiness is the essence of your mortal existence. All your day-to-day activities lead to nothing but what will make you happy. There are lots of ways that suggest how to make a person happy, but becoming happier is another endeavor. Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

• Join your local Laughter Club!
Being happy alone is good, but being with happy people is better. Happiness is like a disease that can be contagious. Becoming a member of a Laughter Club will give you the benefit of accessing information and guidelines on how to improve your life and be more contented in the end. Remember, no man is an island. Sharing your happiness with others will boost your own happiness a hundredfold in return.

• Adopt a pet
Having a pet around is scientifically proven to be a great mood booster. Simple cuddling, stroking, holding or touching a loving pet can calm and soothe you when stressed. The presence of a pet in your life can also ease loneliness and can make you feel happier.

• Love yourself
Being contented with what and who you are – the way you look or your status in life – is the simplest source of happiness. Loving yourself in an unselfish way means that you are confident with what you can accomplish without compromising others’ welfare in the process.

• Love your work
The secret to a successful and happier career is to love your work – whatever it may be! The level of your happiness is not dependent on your work status. It is the positive outlook on your job that will give you the sense of meaning you are looking for. Developing a good relationship with your co-workers and understanding the capacity of your work to make you happy are key determinants to your overall contentment.

• Nourish your spirit
Studies shows that actively religious people tend to cope better with life’s problems and are naturally more contented than those who disregard their spiritual life. Having faith gives a sense of life’s meaning, a reason to focus beyond oneself, and the courage to accept and face life’s challenges. If you are not the religious type, having a strong spirituality can give you the same benefit.

• Count your blessings
If feeling lonely, take time to sit down and count your blessings. Better yet, name them one by one. Blessings include health, loving family, friends, education, freedom, good job, wealth, etc. Reflecting on your blessings will heighten your sense of well-being.

• Share your blessings
It has been said that it is better to give than to receive. Counting your blessings will make you happy, but sharing your blessings with others unconditionally will give you joy beyond compare. You can do this by participating in charity works, donating used clothing, or even donating your blood to the blood bank. 

• Show that smile
It is a fact that smiling elevates your mood. Whether you’re happy or not, showing that smile reinforces happiness. It doesn’t need to show in your stretched lips, but a sincere spark in your eyes will do. Smiling will lift your mood and the contagious effect can make others happy too.