Yeast Infection Prevention

Yeast infections can impact a person’s whole body and, usually, the infection starts with an itch. The infection mostly occurs in those areas of the body which are damp and unexposed to light and air, like the armpits. For every disease, there are precautions which people should take, to eliminate the chance of being infected in the first place. Six steps to prevent yeast infection are as follows:

1) Avoid sugar
If a person likes to eat sweets like chocolates and ice creams, then he should limit consumption of sweet products, because yeast infection mostly occurs in people who consume excessive sugar. People should balance their diet and lower their sugar consumption because it helps kill yeast infection. Even if someone doesn’t like chocolates or ice creams, he can’t avoid consuming soft drinks and candies. People should consume products that are not high in sugar.

2) Eat fermented foods
There are two types of fermented foods which are eaten often – sauerkraut and kimchi. These fermented foods help fight the yeast infection; even though their tastes are strong, it is still advised to eat them because of their health benefits. Making drinks from fermented foods balances the bacteria found in the digestive system. They even reduce the effects of diseases on a person.

3) Take probiotics
Probiotics keep a person healthy because they consist of bacteria which are live, but give us a health benefit. Probiotics can be found in plain yogurt, which is eaten by adults and children. Plain yogurt tastes sweet and is available in different flavors. Before buying plain yogurt, one should make sure that during the manufacturing process of the yogurt, the beneficial bacteria have not been killed. People can also consume supplements, to replace probiotics like multistrain acidophilus.

4. Kill the yeast
Some people don’t like the taste or smell of garlic, because it makes their breath smell bad. However, one of the most effective ways of killing the yeast infection is to consume garlic at least twice or thrice a day. This is a remedy which has the potential to stop yeast infection from affecting a person. There is an alternative to consuming garlic – grapefruit seed. If someone has a yeast infection, then they should use extract of the seed for two consecutive weeks, twice or thrice a day. Goldenseal is another option which is less troublesome than the above two; this comes in the shape of capsules, which a person has to take thrice a day for at least ten days.

5) Boost your immune response with supplements
The most natural way of fighting yeast infection is to boost the immune system by using herbs like the Astragalus root or, if that is not accessible, then Ashwagandha root can also be effective. These roots have no side effects and can also be consumed together.

6) Eat healthy to rebalance the yeast in your body
Avoid junk food during the yeast infection, because it would worsen your health. The best things to eat are eggs and vegetables (green, yellow, orange and red). These vegetables have high levels of antioxidants that keep the immune system healthy.